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Domeniko HajdićDomeniko Hajdić
13:03 24 Feb 24
I cannot described in words what an amazing day we had with Bubu and Kamkoon, and the best host ever - Bang.We already had huge love for elephants, but with interacting with them and with the knowledge and passion that Bang shared with us we now love them even more.Thank you Bang for saving these magnificent animals, and we truly hope that all the elephants will finally find a peace that they deserve, exactly how you and your family do it.We wish you all the best,Alex& Domeniko#noriding#saveelephants
Annika FranklinAnnika Franklin
15:54 23 Feb 24
This elephant sanctuary is amazing and such a wonderful experience. The team and family truly care for the elephants and care for them so much. It was a beautiful, and life changing day. It is so nice to see that the elephants are in their own area, and are happy to be bathed, fed, and cared for. We would come back again and again, and would highly recommend this elephant sanctuary to anyone. Thank you to the amazing team!!!!
Karine PINTOKarine PINTO
14:48 23 Feb 24
An incredible morning at this elephant sanctuary. Everything was well organized, a taxi came to pick us up. We were able to approach the elephants without fear (with bananas), touch them, feed them, wash them. The kids loved it and so did we. It was a magical moment and the owner passed on his love for elephants to us. THANKS !!!
Caroline AdamCaroline Adam
07:07 22 Feb 24
Very nice time spent alongside Bang and his team. This is the first time we have seen elephants treated so well. These will be beautiful memories etched forever in our memory with our baby. A big thank-you
Ivan SofiyakIvan Sofiyak
18:50 21 Feb 24
One of the best places to visit and spend time with the elephants, if you just want to visit them to give them a basket of food, they have a certain time, if I'm not mistaken (12:30/16:30). The employees who work there and take care of these wonderful animals are extremely positive and friendly, explaining how and when they were rescued, the animals' routine and much more, I wish all places with elephants were like this one, my special thanks to you from reception.
Katarzyna DanielewiczKatarzyna Danielewicz
14:49 21 Feb 24
A wonderful experience, wonderful people who care about their patients, an amazing place,I recommend it with all my heart ♥️👌
Justyna GJustyna G
14:49 21 Feb 24
It is an amazing place, where elephant is the most important. Staff is talking about the elephants, their life and needs. They are answering every question. Their knowledge is huge. Spend time with the elephant is so exciting. We could take part in feeding, bathing and other things. All the time elephants are free and can do everything what they want, for example they are coming to us when they see food. They are happy and moving their ears.Important! Small group usually requires booking in advance.
Ива ВладоваИва Владова
05:56 21 Feb 24
Natalka PrychidnyjNatalka Prychidnyj
11:33 20 Feb 24
Amazing experience they are doing such good work looking after the elephants all day and night. Only a small group which makes it better and it is good to know all about their life story and what we can do to help. We need more elephants to be rescued to a place like this where they can be free!! Very ethical place DO NOT MISS OUT
05:58 20 Feb 24
Magical experience with staff who really care about sharing their love of Elephants
Leyla KurtLeyla Kurt
07:21 19 Feb 24
Just incredible. I recommend x100000. Animal welfare is more than present, it is imbued in the genes of the people in charge of the sanctuary. The elephant is MASTER of what he wants to do. If he wants to eat, he eats, if he wants to wash, he washes. We cannot dictate it like in zoos. With a warm welcome, general explanations and aperitifs at the start and end of the activity. You will not be disappointed. It will be my best activity in Thailand without hesitation. Hoping that it can grow and spread their morals. Thank you very much to the whole team 😊
This was an amazing experience. The guides are passionate about helping to heal the elephants that have been mistreated in the past.