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The Elephants Sanctuary Krabi Thailand

No Riding, Elephant Rescue, Elephant Lover

We are a small family and start this camp with the main reason is to the protection of elephants by offering them a safe and protected life in the elephant sanctuary. Moreover, the supply of a single elephant costs several thousand baht per month and an elephant consume up food to 250 kilograms per day. With our work, we do not only guarantee the subsistence of the animals, but also their well-being and comfort.believable.

Inspirational Encounters

Do you want to see elephants in your real life? Do you want to pet elephants? Do you want to watch these massive animals?
Not every day you can bathing the elephant. In our Elephant sanctuary you can experience elephants in the natural way, where they are free and cozy. You are able to feed them fresh fruit out of the palm of your hand, watch them play in the mud, go on walks with them, and even help give them a bath! it is a wonderful experience that you will remember for a long time.

How close could we get to the elephants? Could we touch them? Were they dangerous?
You can approach them by experienced elephant trainers so that you can feel completely safe. It is very important to us. And we against riding the elephant activity. We are taking very good care of elephants and they can feel comfortable with us and always make sure that the animals are well.


Morning Program

A half-day package offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home.

Afternoon Program

A half-day package offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home.


Our Reviews

stephen huxleystephen huxley
07:22 23 May 24
Absolutely amazing experience! This truly is a sanctuary that cares for their elephants. The experience allows visitors to get involved in the normal daily routine of the elephants, feeding them and washing them. The staff here are all so lovely. We honestly had the best day ever and made memories that will last a lifetime.
Annemarie LangeAnnemarie Lange
07:32 19 May 24
I would give 10 stars if I could. It was an incredible experience there, the people who run this place are wonderful souls. Thanks for everything, we'll see each other again. ♥️
Damian SynowiecDamian Synowiec
04:27 19 May 24
Paweł ŁagodzińskiPaweł Łagodziński
05:44 18 May 24
Great place! A slightly more expensive sanctuary compared to the competition, but definitely worth the extra money. Very friendly atmosphere, smiling and helpful staff, but above all very professional and loving their job. The host talks enthusiastically about the life of elephants, educates and puts great emphasis on treating these creatures as best as possible :) I recommend it to everyone without hesitation 😀
05:43 18 May 24
They put a lot of emphasis on science and making people aware that elephants are not toys. The entire trip is carried out with great respect for their space and well-being, and at the same time provides the opportunity to meet these large creatures. The host stole our heart, a wonderful man ❤️The whole thing is complemented by delicious coffee, which we are offered at the beginning and a fruit snack at the end. They take a lot of photos throughout the trip
Ahmad ZakariaAhmad Zakaria
16:04 17 May 24
Gastón SuárezGastón Suárez
06:34 17 May 24
Amazing creatures, place and staff. A day I will always remember
Evdoxia KolliaEvdoxia Kollia
05:40 17 May 24
Amazing experience! Recommend 100%
Linda SciasciLinda Sciasci
04:39 16 May 24
This was our favourite time in Thailand. Bang showed us his love for these beautiful rescued elephants and the care shown to these gentle giants touched our hearts and will stay with us always. Thank you for your dedication. A must do if you come to Chiang Mai!❤️❤️
Petra TranovaPetra Tranova
06:32 15 May 24
Corina DannaCorina Danna
06:08 15 May 24
Great project that focuses on animal welfare. Our guide Bang explained a lot to us about the animals; you can feel his enthusiasm and love for the elephants. It was a great experience for us to see the elephants up close. Thanks to Bang and his team for this valuable work.
Nora MarjiNora Marji
16:37 14 May 24
Amazing experience, the elephants are so cute and friendly and you can tell that the caretakers really care about them. They roam freely and seem very happy.