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The Elephants Sanctuary Krabi Thailand

No Riding, Elephant Rescue, Elephant Lover

We are a small family and start this camp with the main reason is to the protection of elephants by offering them a safe and protected life in the elephant sanctuary. Moreover, the supply of a single elephant costs several thousand baht per month and an elephant consume up food to 250 kilograms per day. With our work, we do not only guarantee the subsistence of the animals, but also their well-being and comfort.believable.

Inspirational Encounters

Do you want to see elephants in your real life? Do you want to pet elephants? Do you want to watch these massive animals?
Not every day you can bathing the elephant. In our Elephant sanctuary you can experience elephants in the natural way, where they are free and cozy. You are able to feed them fresh fruit out of the palm of your hand, watch them play in the mud, go on walks with them, and even help give them a bath! it is a wonderful experience that you will remember for a long time.

How close could we get to the elephants? Could we touch them? Were they dangerous?
You can approach them by experienced elephant trainers so that you can feel completely safe. It is very important to us. And we against riding the elephant activity. We are taking very good care of elephants and they can feel comfortable with us and always make sure that the animals are well.


Morning Program

A half-day package offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home.

Afternoon Program

A half-day package offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home.


Our Reviews

Eleutheria ThomatouEleutheria Thomatou
06:33 04 Dec 23
The experience was excellent. We met these 2 adorable creatures (Malai & Kan koun).Bang is dedicated to what he does, along with the rest of the team..Worth visiting this magical place.You will be impressed by the selfless love of people..Thank you all guysYou remind us what real love means❤️
Dimitris BakalisDimitris Bakalis
06:29 04 Dec 23
This is a REAL sanctuary with guys who REAL care about elephants, wildlife and Thai community in general. I recommend everyone to visit and support them. It was a life experience that keeps forever. God bless them! 🙏
larissa koschlarissa kosch
12:55 03 Dec 23
What a great experience and species-appropriate encounter with these giants. Bang lives for these animals and does everything to ensure that they are well. We learned so much and made two new friends at the end of the day 🐘🐘.
Renato LscRenato Lsc
09:25 03 Dec 23
One of the most beautiful experience i’ve done in my life
Oana Catalina BogosOana Catalina Bogos
16:20 02 Dec 23
Many thanks to The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi team for taking so much care of the elephants and sharing their passion and love with us!All the other 5 stars reviews are true, highly recommended. We don't regret choosing The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi. It was an amazing experience.Thank you everyone for rating this 5 stars.
Daniel NapierkowskiDaniel Napierkowski
06:11 02 Dec 23
Something amazing, passionate and professional people. Very good care of the elephants. Animals are not exploited in any way, a paradise on earth for elephants. I recommend.
Claire FellerClaire Feller
03:05 02 Dec 23
Wow wow wow. Bang and his team are absolutely marvellous with caring for this gentle giants!! We had the most humbling experience and one I can whole heartedly recommend. This is definitely the best experience of my whole trip to Thailand and my love for elephants has grown threefold!Support this sanctuary and go visit
Rababe BoussidRababe Boussid
15:16 01 Dec 23
Amazing birthday day! An experience to live once in your life, especially in an elephant sanctuary like this. Bang accompanied us throughout the morning alongside the elephants that he feeds and cares for on a daily basis.Thank you for this day!Bonus: they send us photos of the day, thanks again.
Mistel WegMistel Weg
08:19 01 Dec 23
Tomek AgnieszczakTomek Agnieszczak
15:37 30 Nov 23
Truly amazing experience. We loved every second of it! Bang and the whole team have huge hearts and passion for the Elephants
Dag Magnus MikalsenDag Magnus Mikalsen
14:37 30 Nov 23
A wonderful place with a beautiful story.Spend the day with lovely Elephants and people dedicating their lives for them.Can not recommend it enough.
Kaia Hannestad NygaardKaia Hannestad Nygaard
14:25 30 Nov 23
Fantastic meeting with elephants in the sanctuary. They get the best of care, no chains and fences, kind loving animals, wonderful staff and people greeting us. A magical meeting for the whole family with animals in the best of care. Would love to come back at again in the future.