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The Elephants Sanctuary Krabi Thailand

No Riding, Elephant Rescue, Elephant Lover

We are a small family and start this camp with the main reason is to the protection of elephants by offering them a safe and protected life in the elephant sanctuary. Moreover, the supply of a single elephant costs several thousand baht per month and an elephant consume up food to 250 kilograms per day. With our work, we do not only guarantee the subsistence of the animals, but also their well-being and comfort.believable.

Inspirational Encounters

Do you want to see elephants in your real life? Do you want to pet elephants? Do you want to watch these massive animals?
Not every day you can bathing the elephant. In our Elephant sanctuary you can experience elephants in the natural way, where they are free and cozy. You are able to feed them fresh fruit out of the palm of your hand, watch them play in the mud, go on walks with them, and even help give them a bath! it is a wonderful experience that you will remember for a long time.

How close could we get to the elephants? Could we touch them? Were they dangerous?
You can approach them by experienced elephant trainers so that you can feel completely safe. It is very important to us. And we against riding the elephant activity. We are taking very good care of elephants and they can feel comfortable with us and always make sure that the animals are well.


Morning Program

A half-day package offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home.

Afternoon Program

A half-day package offers visitors an enjoyable opportunity to spend quality time with elephants in their natural home.


Our Reviews

Egor MakurinEgor Makurin
06:46 17 Apr 24
Super duper place
Maude MillaireMaude Millaire
23:37 16 Apr 24
n Santosn Santos
07:44 16 Apr 24
The Elephant Sanctuary at Krabi is a REAL and GENUINE Sanctuary! Not like many other parks without good conditions for the wonderful elephants!This Sanctuary offers ALL the RIGHT conditions for the rescued and well treated elephants! It’s a joy and a happiness to see such happy elephants drinking, eating healthy foods, bathing, walking with the tourists and smiling at them all the time!Congrats to this park.I went to other park yesterday, the Heaven park, but the elephants do not have conditions! They do not have much shadow, I didn’t see very fresh fruits (only hot bananas and herbs? and I put water on (without much condition) to a baby elephant who was crying all the time.I suggest more regulating bodies to defend animals conditions, please 🙏I usually do not go twice to the same place far from home, but this is the exception, to the Sanctuary Elephant Krabi. Impossible not to come back! Well done Bang, you are a TOP professional!!! Defending the elephants’ rights! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏The world would be a much better place with more people like you.Happy New Year to you, your team and the wonderful elephants you have.
Roman SperlichRoman Sperlich
13:36 15 Apr 24
That was a very nice morning. You can't beat something like that. We will remember it for a long time.Dealing with the elephants was very impressive.
Robert WillockRobert Willock
16:31 14 Apr 24
What a wonderful place and amazing staff. Not the usual tourist trap; no riding allowed here. Just kindness, caring and love for these amazing animals. You get to make their lunch, feed them, give them a mud bath, wash them and scrub them - all captured with great photos. And you get to learn so much about Asian elephants. The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi deserves your visit and your support.
Heath WilcoxHeath Wilcox
14:46 14 Apr 24
Nicolas SavvaNicolas Savva
11:43 13 Apr 24
Its been such an amazing experience with the elephants! The staff was froendly, and guided us through the day, and prepared us (small group) to ensure we get along with the elephants. I didn’t want to leave them, as you can connect with them pretty easily!
Bob HarbeyBob Harbey
03:47 13 Apr 24
A fantastic Elephant Sanctuary. Bang and the team clearly love the Elephants. The visit is all about joining the team and helping care of the Elephants and having lots of fun at the same time. The visit was also about learning more about the Elephants, their care and why they are there and not in the wild. Bang took lots of time to explain everything and with the groups kept small Bang and the team can spent plenty of time with everyone. The visit certainly helped me better understand the complex relationship between Elephants and humans in Thailand and most importantly how a good sanctuary works. Great job “Team Bang” and thank you for an unforgettable afternoon.
Super recommendable! Magnificent experience with respect and care for the animals that allows you to enjoy 100% of the activity and your company in a way that does not stress the animal. They are in total freedom so upon arrival they explain to you how the day will be directed, how to treat them and that, in case the elephants do not want to join, they will not be forced to continue the activity at any time, after the talk you will go look for them. In the middle of the jungle, you feed them to gain confidence and if they want they follow you to the river mud bath... about four miles away, you feed them with snacks that you prepare for them and you bathe them if they want. You end with another talk and with the fantastic memory and experience of the sanctuary, in addition to knowing that your payment will be used to help preserve the sanctuary and its functions.
Emilija KacerauskaiteEmilija Kacerauskaite
05:08 12 Apr 24
Amazing experience, highly recommend. If you are choosing between a few sanctuaries, choose this. You will not regret it! This is an actual sanctuary, not a tourist atraction.
Sam StawarzSam Stawarz
16:24 10 Apr 24
After a lot of research I came across The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi after hearing that a lot of places just use the word sanctuary in the name to get tourists to visit.We were so pleased with our experience, the elephants were happy, well treated and respected at all times. The day was fantastic for our family and would highly recommend this as an ethical and caring place to see elephants.Well done to Bang and the team for making it a day for us to remember.